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Sean racing at Doublin Gap a few weeks prior to the National.
Sean Baxley wins the 2010 Loretta Lynn's Amatuer National Championship
Presented by Amsoil - 450 C Division
Age -  14

Hometown - Westminster, MD

Bike you ride - Yamaha

Classes Run - 250 C, Open C and 4 Stroke
Favorite food - Crabs

Favorite movie - The Hangover

Favorite music - Pop, Hip Hop
How long racing
4 years, last year I took the entire year off

Where was your first race
I raced the Arena Cross at 1st Mariner Arena

How did you do
I was in the top 7 to advance, but I did not realize that I
had advanced.  We were so new we did not know what
to do.
Sean on the 65 in his first year
racing at Tomahawk MX
Any past championships

2007 - 1st in class 65cc MDRA

2008 - 1st in class 85cc MDRA

2009 - took off entire year  

2010 - Loretta Lynn's National Champion in 450C class

2010 - Open C currently 1st in class MDRA

What are your future goals

I would like to be the top 3 in the MDRA Series next year
and race more amateur national events next year
Sean grabs the holeshot on the 85
racing at Happy Ramblers
Mom, Dad, Emily & Family, T7 Suspension, Jim Barry, Stansbury Tree Service, DrD

Anybody you would like to thank:
Mom, Dad, Emily & Family, Blake Taylor, Jim Barry, Pat Stansbury, John Benson, Jace Wade, Rob
Harris & my favorite photographer Jim Bull.  
I began hounding you for pictures the second race ever at Happy Ramblers : )
How did it feel to win a National Championship

Amazing!! All the hard work and training paid off!

What was the toughest part of making it to Lorettas

Getting the bike ready and preparing for the hot temperatures in Tennessee

Can you tell me about your motos. Any struggles or did things go fairly smooth. I see you had a
tenth place finish, what happened?

I had a really bad start in the first moto, and the competition were all on 450's. In Moto 1 I was
running in 5th and making the pass for 4th and I fell. As soon as i got up another rider crashed
right in front of me.  Then I ran him over and stalled the bike dropping back to around 17th.

In the 2nd and 3rd motos I had a decent start and worked my way up to second in both for the
overall win.
I would again like to congratulate 14 year old Sean Baxley on his outstanding
achievement at his first attempt ever at a National Championship.

Keep in mind that Sean started racing locally just four short years ago in the MDRA
Race Series on a 65cc machine. He won a championship in his first year on a 65, his
second on an 85 then took a year off.

This year rolls around and he jumps on a big bike and ends up going 1-1-1 at his
regional at Unadilla.

Then on his first trip to Tennessee he pulls the big one out of his hat and wins the
biggest amateur event in the country in the 450cc Novice division.

Potential sponsors maybe take notice - my guts telling me this kid just might have
what it takes to go places.

Watch for Sean to move up to the Amateur division while continuing to compete in
the MDRA Series in the coming year.

Who knows - this kid just might go all the way!!
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MDRA Hotshot - Sean Baxley