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A series of random acts of kindness in the motocross community led one
amazing dream come true

Texas, May 22, 2016:  MX Zen Marketing assisted an amateur motocross
family in spreading the word of their desire to give away their son’s used Cobra
50 cc motorcycle to another family, but had no idea how the amazing multiple
acts of kindness would continue through the motocross community.

Jake Willis, is a 7-year old 2nd grader at Riverside Elementary school in
Carlsbad, New Mexico.  He is the son of Lacy and Wil Willis.  He and his
parents wanted to donate his used Cobra 50 cc motorcycle to a random family
in order to pass down his love for motorcycles and impact another family with
the love of riding or racing.  

"I posted on Facebook that we had a motorcycle to give away and MX Zen
Marketing was touched by our story and shared it.  MX Zen Marketing founder
and creator, Erika Born, posted a video to help spread the word of this random
act of kindness and to help get more names in the hat for the drawing,” stated
Lacy Willis.   The next day, the hat was full of names, from all over the country.  
Jake picked out a name, Aiden Barbier, another 7 year old, from Louisiana.  
The Willis family announced the winner in a live video on Facebook.  The entire
motocross community was following this amazing story as it unfolded.

   Aiden Barbier, sitting on the bike donated to him by Jake Willis,
standing next to him.  

The winning recipients of the bike, Aiden’s parents, Danny and Jennifer Barbier,
drove him from Louisiana to Texas to pick up the motorcycle and meet the Willis
family at a local track where Jake Willis was racing.  Jennifer Barbier explained
that this series of random acts of kindness actually began earlier in the month
after she entered Aiden in a contest posted by celebrity Freestyle Motocross
athlete, Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg and Richard Kutbach of Youthful Edge and
Camp Edge in California.  Youthful Edge hosted the Camp Edge motocross
camp at West MX Park in Perris, CA on May 14th and 15th.  Richard Kutbach,
Director of the Camp, found out that there was a little boy in Louisiana
interested in attending the camp, but didn’t have a motorcycle.  He reached out
to the amazing family of local youth racer, Mason Smith, who loaned Aiden a
bike to use during the camp.  Aiden’s uncle flew to California with Aiden and
Youthful Edge waived Aiden’s $500 entry fee so he could experience an
opportunity he had been dreaming of!  Since Aiden was new to the bike and the
sport, Richard asked a few pros at the camp to assist Aiden in a private area of
the track.  Axell Hodges, Andy Bakken, and Broc Tickle assisted Aiden, which
even made this experience even more surreal for this young boy.

The Willis family’s amazing act of kindness continues to grow within the
motocross community!  Erika Born offered Jake Willis and Aiden Barbier free
memberships to her MX Zen Marketing Academy, which is a new program
about to launch next month, globally, to assist riders of all ages and all levels
better connect with the motocross industry sponsors needed to help them
obtain the assistance they need to pursue their dreams within this sport.  The
Academy teaches riders and families how to set up social media accounts,
promote themselves, find sponsors through the Team App called MX Zen, and
offers support and a community for the riders. MX Zen’s mission is to connect
the rider to the sport and help build a healthier relationship with sponsors,
family, and other riders to make the journey of motocross a much more happier,
healthier, and rewarding adventure for not only the rider and family, but also for
the sponsors, track owners, and industry giants, who do so much for this sport.

After seeing the MX Zen video and posts, another motocross family decided to
step up and donate their son’s bike, too.  Justin and Laura Evans of Arthur City,
Texas called Erika after knowing this kind gesture would touch another child and
family.  Their son, Kace Evans, is a factory-sponsored rider who won the
largest amateur National motocross event last year called Loretta Lynn’s
Motocross, located in Hurricane Mills, TN.  Several motocross companies, such
as Allegan Motorsports, Madden Motorsports, and A1 Suspension, all
contacted Erika and donated parts and services to the Evan’s motorcycle.  The
Evans family will be conducting their drawing any day now.  

MX Zen Marketing will host a special live internet interview with the group of
people who have made Aiden’s dream come true.  Please follow their social
media accounts for announcements of the broadcast.  To join the free Team
App or to register for the MX Zen Marketing Academy